Helltown Brewing

About Helltown Brewing

During the late 1700s the area that would later become known as Mount Pleasant, was a bustling crossroads on the route between Pittsburgh and Philadelphia. With the lush farmlands and busy roadways, the area became a hotbed for whiskey production and distribution. Bootlegging and lawlessness quickly spread and as its infamy grew, the once quiet community came to be known as “Helltown”.

Our brewery, named in honor of our historical roots, began as a small group of home brewers. Several years, and countless batches later it was decided to push a weekend hobby to the next level and in the spring of 2011 operations officially began.

Keeping the spirit and craftsmanship of our small-scale origins alive, we truly feel that the passion and dedication we put forth manifests itself in every beer we produce. Our beers, with styles ranging from the classic to the contemporary, use only the finest and freshest ingredients possible. We don’t believe in compromise, and quality is never sacrificed for convenience.