Light Lager

About Light Lager

Overview: Confusingly, Yuengling offers both a "Light Beer," which is a light version of their Yuengling Premium pale lager, and a "Light Lager," which is based on their amber Traditional Lager. We suspect that most drinkers of either don't worry much about which one they're getting.

Flavors and aromas: Light malt competes with cooked corn and a slight rubbery note, as well as a hint of skunkiness. The full mouthfeel isn't backed up by nearly enough flavor to balance; there's grainy, bready malt, but not much of it, and hop flavors are absent, with bitterness hovering just on the edge of perceptible. There's a hint of sweetness to the finish that is uncharacteristic of a light lager. Drink cold, or not at all.

ABV: 3.20%